Real Voters, Real Issues, Real Talk

WeVote is a new kind of social network — One that is built for registered voters in the US to directly engage, educate and empower themselves to be a powerful voice in their government. 

Access to information and your community

WeVote gives users access to premium legislative, candidate and community data and forums, providing an ecosystem designed to foster democracy and empower voters.

Verified Users

In order for users to contribute to the body of knowledge shared on the WeVote ecosystem, a user must first verify themselves as a real registered voter.  Every voter in the US has their own unique profile.  Claim yours today!

Leveling the playing field

The days of buying influence are over.  With WeVote, the only way you can influence the conversation is to add valuable and useful content to the conversation.  You can vote up what you think is worthy, and other users can do the same.  You can’t buy votes, influence or position on WeVote.

Our Work

We’ve dedicated our lives to building a democracy that works for the people. 

Volunteer for an event

WeVote is preparing to host rallies across the US to bring together voters from all walks of life and perspectives to take our democracy back.

Vote on Legislation

As elected officials consider new legislative bills, you’ll have the same level of access to information and people to sway the narrative.

Equality among voters

The political system as it operates currently is more focused on fundraising than representation.  But at WeVote, money won’t buy you influence, only your ideas will.

Join with us to become a VOLUNTEER and help us to build our nation

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