Our Mission:
We Vote For America!


To improve the intelligence that goes into the formation of public policy and the functioning of our democracy, by engaging, educating and empowering every registered voter in America with insider access to the political system.

We do this by eliminating the barriers that keep Americans from engaging with their public institutions in a meaningful way. WeVote is designed to give every citizen insider access to their government, along with the power to change it. Our goal is to encourage healthy debate that allows voters to come together, build consensus on legislation, and discuss media and ongoing issues facing our country on a revolutionary, neutral platform.


Check out our Bill of Voter Rights section to learn more how we do this

3 E’s of WeVote


Registered voters connect directly with other citizens and their representatives, effectively and efficiently contributing to public dialog


Access to data, forums and tools to learn about all perspectives of the debate


Opportunity to question, vote and support any idea, position or candidate that best fits one’s stance on any issue
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