Analytics and communication tools to help leaders and organizations solve their most pressing problems.

About: Unparalleled Social Impact Communications, Analysis and Consulting

  • TrueCount pairs communications and analytics tools with consulting services to help political leaders and organizations solve their most pressing issues. We combine voter engagement data from the WeVote® platform with the analytics and communications tools to know more about your constituents, and interact with them directly on mass scale.

  • TrueCount developed its unique framework after learning that most of the daily users on the beta launch of were lobbyists and legislative staffers. So we built a platform dedicated to these professional advocates and administrators in order for them to streamline their objectives and manage internal and external communications all in one place.

Our mission is to understand and connect the world better, one voter at a time with an unrivaled engagement and analytics experience on every issue facing humankind.Andy Curran, CEO and Founder

Roadmap to Successful Voter Engagement

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    Define Engagement Goals

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    Identify Constituents

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    Build Your Audience

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    Create Open Dialog with WeVote® Engagement

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    Sustainable Engagement Growth

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    Real Approval and Awareness Ratings Increase

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    More Engaged and Happy Voters

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    Engagement Goal Success

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WeVote® Developed this roadmap as a framework by which leaders and companies can maximize constituent outreach to accelerate organizational performance. Our consultants and analysts apply their knowledge of this path to address the right steps in the right order, improving the way organizations create strategy and operate.

This approach has led to the creation of unique tools and techniques for achieving the  highest levels of organizational performance and organic growth. In 2015, WeVote® our sister site, won “Favorite Product” at the Mass Innovation Nights Civic Tech Competition at Google when we introduced them to,  the premier tool for tracking state legislation and engaging with elected representatives and other voters.

Since then, WeVote® has added a new service branch in TrueCount, which was designed to serve professional advocates and administrators on matters relating to constituent engagement and legislative tracking.   We are dedicated to working with leaders and organizations to achieve breakthroughs in constituent engagement, dramatically reducing their cost for communications while speeding up the messaging cycle at the same time. 

Active members of WeVote® include academics, think tank representatives, grassroots activists, journalists, politicians, organization leaders, parents, teachers, college students, really anyone who has a stake in the policies coming from our state and nation’s capitol.   

By leveling the playing field to participate in discussion on these matters, TrueCount is able to accumulate the broadest and deepest data sets on any issue.

This data, is then filtered, sorted and delivered to the elected officials in the form of reports, where they can use it to base their decision when voting on actual legislation.  These reports are provided to elected officials free of charge.

Contact Andy Curran for more information on how you can use TrueCount to solve your most pressing issues.

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