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Is the United States a Nation?

The Oxford definition of a Nation is: a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory. With the current polarization of party lines, racial and social economic tension, and distrust in the election process, our struggling nation needs unity more than ever. 


The 2020 election caused nearly half the population to lose faith in the election process, not to mention that the contesting other half lost a similar trust during the 2016 election. Having a popular opposition combating the legitimacy of the most impactful decision making standard in the world is a concern, to say the very least. 


The United States is not made solely of people from common descent, comparable history and culture, or with the ability to speak English. America is stronger for these reasons. Diversity brings innovation and culture. That said, people living in the same territory is not enough to define a nation as a nation. We also need unity. 


As every state is autonomous for reporting the results of their casted electoral votes, all of those states handle their voter registration databases differently, with most using outdated processes. If there were a trusted system where registered voters could speak for themselves on a standard national public platform, accurate data could be accessible to all, and more people would trust in the legitimacy of the election process.  


WeVote is the platform that will regain trust from the public by giving people an opportunity to be heard and hear the voices of others through accurate and current data on legislative policies. 


When governments lose the trust from their citizens, people are more likely to act out, it further adds to the existing polarization, and they will stop supporting our nation as we know it. In the United States, we can all be living under the same government and not be one nation. WeVote is that unifying solution.