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Innovation in the Public Sphere

As a society, we rely on our elected representatives to govern and make decisions that will shape our communities and our country. However, with hundreds of thousands of bills introduced every year, it can be difficult for voters to keep track of what’s being proposed and to make their voices heard. This can lead to frustration and a feeling of disconnection from the political process.

One major factor contributing to this disconnection is the fact that Congress is still using technology and methods of constituent engagement that were designed for a world before the internet. As a report from the OpenGov Foundation points out, “Congress is still using fax machines, voicemail, and snail mail to communicate with their constituents, despite the fact that most Americans have moved on to more modern forms of communication” (From Voicemails to Votes: Modernizing Congressional Outreach, 2020). This can make it difficult for voters to easily and quickly get in touch with their representatives and share their thoughts and concerns.

That’s where WeVote comes in. We understand that voters have a lot on their plates, and we want to make it as easy as possible for them to stay informed and engaged. Our platform connects voters with their elected representatives and others in their districts, creating a space for productive discussions about how to govern through legislative action. This kind of deliberative democracy, in which citizens come together to discuss and make decisions about issues that affect their lives, has been shown to lead to more informed and fair outcomes (John S. Dryzek, “Deliberative Democracy and Beyond,” 2002).

One of the biggest pain points in our modern political system is the proliferation of bots and trolls who seek to inject noise into the public sphere. These fake accounts can distort the collective voice of the people, making it harder for elected officials to truly understand the views and concerns of their constituents. At WeVote, we take steps to verify that our users are real people, so you can be sure that the conversations happening on our platform are genuine and representative of the views of the community.

Elected officials who genuinely care about the needs and concerns of their constituents will benefit greatly from having an easy-to-use and powerful tool like WeVote for constituent engagement and management. With WeVote, they can quickly and easily stay up-to-date on the issues that matter most to their constituents, and they can easily facilitate discussions and gather feedback. This kind of dialogue, in which elected officials and constituents come together to share ideas and find common ground, is essential for the success of a healthy democracy (John Vervaeke, “Dialogos: A Framework for Meaningful Conversation,” 2020).

Overall, WeVote is a game-changer for the political process. By bringing together voters and elected officials in one place and providing a modern, internet-based platform for communication, we’re helping to bridge the gap between Congress and the constituents they represent. And by taking steps to verify our users and thwart the bots and trolls, we’re ensuring that the conversations happening on our platform are authentic and representative of the views of the community. If you’re a voter or an elected official looking to stay connected and engaged, we encourage you to give WeVote a try.