Our Team

Senior Team

Andy Curran

CEO & Founder

Andy is the driving force behind the concept of verified direct interaction between voters and their representatives.

AJ Crabill

Board Chairman

AJ is National School Board Governance leader of the Council of Great City Schools and an award winning leader in education reform advocacy.

Colby Thomson

Board Member

Colby is WeVote's leader investor / advisor.  He also serves on the board of the Human Rights Foundation.

Antarr Byrd


As CTO of WeVote, Antarr is responsible for building, maintaining and working to grow WeVote's award winning platform.

“Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages.”

George Washington

The WeVote Nation

We are a group of concerned and active citizens from all walks of life, working together to rebuild our political system.

We are passionate about fixing our broken public sphere.  Bots and trolls and advertising based business models have spoiled the mainstream social networks and media landscape.  We are building new systems, and business models that focus on public well being and sensemaking to drive a new type of digital ecosystem and economy.   If you share in these values, please reach out and join us today!

WeVote is driven by 3 E’s: Engage, i.e. allowing registered voters to connect directly with other citizens and their representatives; Educate, providing the forum to hear from all perspectives of the debate;  and Empower, the opportunity to vote for the position that best fits one's stance on any issue.

Advisory Board

Is this you?

  1. I am dedicated to improving the political system for all Americans.
  2. I will not let my personal policy of candidate preferences influence my decision making when representing WeVote.
  3. I am dedicated to serving my community.
  4. I believe the betterment of the world begins with me.

If you said YES to all these, then apply now!

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