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WeVote aims to create a more democratic society by empowering users with access to reliable information, facilitating discussions, and fostering civic engagement.

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The WeVote Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to fostering engagement, education and empowerment for people to help their communities make smarter public policy decisions.  We believe this begins with equal access to information and education about matters being deliberated in our democratically representative institutions, and how to get involved and participate in the process on the same level as everyone else.

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We are a community of voters

100% of the people, by the people, and for the people.  Join the most deliberative community for public policy online.


Be Heard, Be Counted

Voters on WeVote have equal voice as everyone else, your voice and your vote counts just as much as anyone.


Equal Access to information

You don’t need to hire a lobbyist to stay up to date with the latest activity in your state capitol.  Join with other voters in your community to build a movement from the ground up.


Level Playing Field for Public Discourse

It’s not enough that you have access to all the relevant data about a topic, if you’re not able to participate in the conversation.  Check how WeVote Forums give you unprecedented access to the legislative process.


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70+ million

Voters in our current database, get WeVote in your state today!

Legislative Forums

We’re working to make sure anyone who wants to participate in the decision making process of our democratic institutions is able to do so enthusiastically and effectively. Our legislative forums are designed to both engage and educate our communities and to empower our members.

Advocacy Programs

Let one of our WeVote Community Advocates help get your voice heard by your representatives on the issues you care about most. Your activity on the WeVote platform is shared with your representatives to make sure they have the whole story before making decisions on public policy.

Constituent Relations

With TrueCount, our Constituent Relationship Manager (CRM), your representatives and their staff will be able to interact with their constituents like never before. TrueCount helps them quantify their constituents sentiment, so they can make smarter decisions.

Help us keep democracy alive

As a nonprofit, the WeVote Foundation is dedicated to preserving and improving our democratic institutions.


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