When WeVote – Politicians Listen.

WeVote is a private social network made for registered voters.  Our mission is to improve the intelligence that goes into the formation of public policy and the functioning of our democracy.

Get the latest updates of what and how things are going–join us! You can read our privacy policy here.

100,000+ Legislative Bills & Issues Pages

Engage with other stakeholders and constituents to collectively design intelligent solutions to collective problems.

Virtual Townhalls

Access to Lawmakers and the Community

Verified Users - Real Voters

Bots and trolls are destroying the public sphere.  Our validation process significantly reduces fraudulent accounts.

How It Works

Access to Information and Your Community

WeVote gives users access to premium legislative, candidate and community data and forums, providing an ecosystem designed to foster democracy and empower voters. 

Verified Users: Real Registered Voters

In order for users to contribute to the body of knowledge shared on the WeVote ecosystem, a user must first verify themselves as a real registered voter.  Every voter in the US has their own unique profile.  Claim yours today! 

Making Sense of the Issues

Gain better understanding by hearing from every perspective.  With no bots or trolls to hijack the dialog and algorithms, you'll enjoy a richer and more solution-focused environment to make meaningful participation to collective issues. 


WeVote sheds light on legislative issues, bills for voters

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OpenGov Voices: Introducing WeVote, a new civic tech project powered by the Open States API

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We Vote hopes to clear up confusing political system, communication

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