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Some people say its impossible to fix politics

But together, impossible is nothing

Our beloved country, and the democratic-republic system of government that has made it so great, is under siege.  We are more disconnected than ever before.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Our culture is constantly evolving, faster than ever before — and today, we stand on the precipice in deciding how our nation can secure a political and cultural system that truly represents her values.

To promote a culture of abundance, peace and understanding we must dive into what the architecture of a political, social and cultural system looks like.We believe the foundation of which belongs to how a society comes together to build consensus on handling our greatest challenges.

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New solution to
an old problem

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1) The United States has become an Oligarchy. 2) Gatekeepers and media giants perpetuate inequality of access to information. 3) The noise on the anonymous web devalues any attempt to create an efficient representative democracy online and thus, cannot solve problems 1 & 2.

Our Solution

1) Create a network of public legislative data, make it available to anyone. 2) verify users as real registered voters 3) give users the power to curate media, petitions, and vote on actual legislation. 4) market network data to policy makers, media and anyone else who might benefit from it.

“WeVote is a private social network made for registered voters. Our mission is to make politics suck less; to be the largest, most trusted online network for political ideas and action; to bring our users closer to the political process; to amplify their collective voices; and make an impact.”

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